Global Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change Research

CARIBIC is an innovative scientific project to study and monitor important chemical and physical processes in the Earth´s atmosphere. Detailed and extensive measurements are made during long distance flights. We deploy an airfreight container with automated scientific apparatus which are connected to an air and particle (aerosol) inlet underneath the aircraft. We use an Airbus A340-600 from Lufthansa since December 2004.
The CARIBIC project is integrated in IAGOS -
Coordinator of CARIBIC:
Dr. Andreas Zahn:

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Latest CARIBIC Publications:
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    Status Dec 2016

Baker F., et al.
. . . chlorine radical chemistry. . .
Scientific Reports, 6. 2016.

Slemr F., et al.
Atmospheric mercury measurements . . .
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9 2016.

Hermann M. et al. An optical particle size spectrometer . . .
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9 2016.

Weigelt al.
Tropospheric mercury vertical profiles . . . central Europe,
ACP 16, 2016,

Jöckel al.
Earth System Chemistry integrated Modelling (ESCiMo) . . .
Geosci. Model Dev.

Rauthe-Schöch et al.,
Trapping, chemistry and export of trace gases in the South Asian summer monsoon . . .
ACP 16,2016

Slemr F. et al.
El Nino-Southern Oscillation influence on tropospheric mercury . . .,
Geophys. Res. Lett., 43,2016

Stratmann G. et al.
NO and NOy in the Upper Troposphere . . .,
Atmospheric Environment 2,2016

Ojha, N. et al.
Ozone and carbon monoxide over India during the summer monsoon . . .
ACP 16,2016

Zhang Y. et al.
Observed decrease in atmospheric mercury explained by global decline in anthropogenic emissions,
PNAS 1,2016

Friberg J. et al.
Influence of volcanic eruptions on midlat. UT aerosol and consequences for Ci.,
Earth and Space Science, 2

• Andersson S. et al.
Significant radiative impact of volcanic aerosol in the lowermost stratosphere,
Nat. Commun. 6

• Yu P. et al.,
on . . . aerosols in the Asian and North American tropopause aerosol layer .
GRL 15, 2015

• Vernier J.-P. et al.,
Increase in UTLS aerosol levels - potential connection with Asian Pollution.
JGR 120, 2015

• Gromov and Brenninkmeijer,
. . . 18O / 16O ratio of UT/LMS ozone based on artefact CO in air . . .
ACP 15, 2015

• Leedham Elvidge et al.,
Increasing dichloromethane . . . 1998-2012
ACP 15, 2015